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The SmartScan monitoring system is the perfect choice for any life science application. Our GMP compliant system can keep tabs on anything from a small clinic to an entire hospital system spread across a state. This includes continuous temperature monitoring in the laboratory, blood bank, pharmacy and host of other departments to help meet regulatory and accreditation requirements.

ISO 9001/2015 Certificate                  ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Certificate

Suggested Monitoring Points

SmartScan is the Right Choice for Any Life Science Application

• Diagnostic Accuracy: Assure specimens and reagents are stored at proper temperatures in a controlled environment.
• Pharmaceutical Potency: Maintain a proper storage environment; detect and alert for out of specified conditions.
• Blood and Tissue Storage: Ensure that products have not spoiled due to improper handling or storage.
• Operating Rooms and Critical Clean Environments: Measure air particles to maintain the sterile environment.
• Food Handling: Monitor and maintain hot and cold temperatures in compliance with published standards.
• Early Detection: Awareness of fluctuations in equipment performance for intervention prior to loss of expensive consumables.
• Alerts: In the event of an out of limit condition, staff is alerted on escalating scale (including to mobile devices) to assure timely intervention.
• Optimal Use of Personnel: Avoid time and expense of manual logging of conditions and associated and often costly problems of timeliness and human error.
• Utility Usage: Monitoring utility usage at key points in a facility can establish consumption standards and help save thousands by enabling the reduction or elimination of waste
• Timely Compliance: Data is stored for fast recall and generation of reports to satisfy regulations.
• Multiple Agency Requirements: SmartScan meets or exceeds the monitoring requirements established by the FDA, USP, EMA, CFDA, PMDA and other international agencies as well as the following USA industry groups that can be seen by clicking here.

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