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A SmartScan system is engineered to easily monitor a variety of factors in critical indoor environments used in storage, manufacturing, and active processes. The system is economical, easily implemented, and designed to help protect investment, infrastructure, as well as production. SmartScan systems simplify the process of monitoring large areas or multiple data points and can reduce the cost of manual monitoring by personnel. Plug and Play hardware options, in either wired or wireless configurations assures that the system can be up and running quickly with minimal expense. SmartScan is further flexible to monitor just a few points to an enterprise system consisting of multiple points in varying locations.

Suggested Monitoring Points

Why SmartScan?

We have been providing sophisticated computer-based monitoring systems for critical applications since 1995. We are ISO-9001/2015 certified and have been since 2005. We are also an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited calibration laboratory and our development processes have been based on GAMP standards. The SmartScan system is incredibly easy to use and includes the following capabilities:

  • Monitor just about anything including temperature, humidity, airborne contaminants, water quality, laboratory equipment, energy and water consumption, weather instruments, and production information, just to name a few.
  • Receive measurement data via a LAN or the Internet from a single appliance to hundreds of sensors in multiple facilities scattered throughout the globe.
  • Alert the appropriate personnel to abnormal conditions by local alarm or via email, text message, pager, and voice telephone
  • View current measurement values and see trends from anywhere using a simple web browser or a smart phone.
  • Record measurement data as well as hourly statistics for later recall and analysis.
  • Generate Reports required by management and auditors.

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